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On this pageyou can see pictures that clearly show the difference between standard-and True-Light illumination. Would you like your pictures on this page? You can send them to

Trueligh tled panel 60x60 mounted
True-Light LED panel surface-mounted. Photo left at full power, photo right dimmed

True-Light led panels, 98 CRI. Sea Shepherd Tattoo studio, Alexander Boersstraat 52, Amsterdam

2x54watt opaal gallery
Use of opal surface-mounted luminaires with 2x54 watt True-Light lamps.

True-Light with the chickens and goats of the Ridammer Hoeve in the Amsterdam forest, Meerlaan 4 Amstelveen.

rozekelim 2  rozekelim roze3  rozekelimkleed
True-Light in a Robin fixture at Rozekelim, Hendrik Figeeweg 1-0002, Haarlem.

workplace at home
Home workplace, left 2700 Kelvin, right True-Light 2 x 58 watt 5500 Kelvin.


Left without artificial lighting. Right with 2 True-Light fluorescent tubes placed in the skylights.


living truelight 2x35watt
From left to right: Sunny day without additional lighting, sunny day with additional lighting True Light 2x35 Watt,
dark day with additional lighting True-Light 2x35 watt.


kitchen lady

With standard spots color 3000, without lighting and with the daily rhythm lamp Lady


Left: without lights, right: lighting 2 tubes of 35 watt T5 True-Light.



Staircase - 2x58 Watt


hall before after
Hall - 2x58 watt

From garage to workshop

garage before after

Mirror grid inlay fixtures 2x58 watt with True-Light lamps


Experiment with 28 watt and 54 watt in livingroom.

28watt testLeft without light and right with True-Light 28 watt.

54watt test

Left without light and right with True-Light 54 watt.



Osram 3000 Kelvin compared with True-Light 36 watt  5500 Kelvin



Osram 3000 Kelvin compared with True-Light 36 watt 5500 Kelvin



Sylvania 28 watt 2700 Kelvin compared with  True-Light 28 watt 5500 Kelvin


Philips 13 watt 2500 Kelvin compared with True-Light LED 12 watt 5500 Kelvin



 Megaman 15 watt 2700 Kelvin compared with True-Light 15 watt Spiral Light 5500 Kelvin



25 watt  2700 Kelvin compared with True-Light  15 watt Spiral Light 5500 Kelvin


Nog één oude lamp

Rear right Philips 58 watt  4000 Kelvin compared with rest of the office True-Light 58 watt 5500 Kelvin




Philips 840 (4000 Kelvin) compared with True-Light  20 watt Spiral Light 5500 Kelvin


shoemaker 2

36 watt Osram 3,000 K versus True-Light 36 watt 5500 Kelvin


shoemaker 1

Osram 58 watt  3000 Kelvin versus True-Light 36 watt 5500 Kelvin





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