Lady smart LED 28 watt

Full spectrum daylight LED, 2800-6000 Kelvin, CRI 95+
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Lady is a smart LED that reflects 95% of the natural daylight and has a variation of light colours, from bright daylight to warm evening light. The chosen light colour is also dimmable. This is all easily controlled with the remote control. In addition, the use of your wall switch is still possible. The "sleep mode" position ensures that the brightness of the light is dimmed to "off" in 30 minutes and it has an integrated night light for orientation in the dark. It has a diameter of 43 cm and provides 2600 lumens of light output. This provides good daylight in a room of 12 m2.

You can follow the 24-hour rhythm of the body, the circadian rhythm simply by adjusting the light with the remote control whenever you want to. These LED lamps are made of A-quality Samsung Dual White LEDs. This is the latest LED technology to create perfect daylight. The lamp uses the patented eye-protection technology. This means that there is a special filter in the hood that blocks the blue LED light, so that the lamp only has healthy light.  

Brand: Dalen, yield by 80 Samsung LEDS 
Power consumption:28 watts
Light output: 2600 lumens
Dimensions: 43 x 9 cm
Light colour variation: 2800 ~ 6000 Kelvin in 4 levels
Dimmable with supplied remote control
Eyeprotection technique, eye-protective polycarbonate hood
CRI/CQS  > 95
High frequency, no flicker
IP 40
Weight: 1.9 kg
Lifespan: minimum 40,000 hours
New energy efficiency class: D
Insect and dust-free due to special foam seal
Night mode: only 1 watt in night mode
Sleep mode: the fixture dims itself to the off position in 30 minutes