Plants need light for the process of photosynthesis: the chemical process by which plants convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose using energy from light. Plants also need this process to be able to grow themselves at all. Plants cannot survive in a place without light. Some houseplants will last longer than others, but if you really have a room without windows, full-spectrum daylight lamps are really a precondition for keeping the plant alive.

To achieve good growth, a plant must receive sufficient full-spectrum daylight. Full-spectrum daylight with ultraviolet radiation is needed to color flowers and fruits. The colour of apples, for example, is formed by ultraviolet-b radiation. With the aubergines and the 'lollo rosso' lettuce, the dark colours do not change colour without the ultraviolet-b radiation. Without full-spectrum daylight, the product quality deteriorates because the leaves remain smaller, more colourless and thicker.

Light-loving pot plants remain sufficiently compact under full-spectrum daylight lamps with ultraviolet-B radiation and show an intensive flower colour. You can also use your grow light with full spectrum daylight lamps, so you can bring in outside light for your plants. In high intensity UV radiation is harmful to plants, then it has a negative effect on photosynthesis. But True-Light's naturally dosed dose of ultraviolet-b radiation has a positive effect on your plants.

In the Netherlands, the University in Wageningen is constantly researching the growth of plants. True-Light full spectrum daylight lamps are also used for this. True-Light phosphor lamps imitate natural daylight, including the naturally dosed UV-A and UV-B radiation.

True-Light's full spectrum daylight lamps are a good alternative when your plants are indoors. Your plant will remain a beautiful, green plant under these lamps that can flower well. In your living room, a True-Light full-spectrum daylight saving lamp above your plants works wonders.

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