How do I illuminate my living room or kitchen?

Good artificial daylight lighting is most natural when it comes from above, when it is placed above a window, in a ceiling or when it enters the room indirectly. For a living room a minimum of 300 lux of light output is required, a kitchen needs a minimum of 500 lux of light output. Full spectrum daylight lamps from True-Light are ideal for bringing natural daylight into your living room. The colour value matches natural daylight with a CRI 98. This means that the lamps match 98 percent of the real daylight colour.  The light concentration of the lamp is important. The wider the beam, the more pleasant the room is lit.

How do I illuminate my home workplace?
Now that we are increasingly working from home, a good workplace and the right lighting is very important. At the office, this is arranged by the employer, but at home you have to take care of this yourself. The best light for your home workplace is a combination of natural daylight and artificial daylight. Natural daylight, such as a window, provides the basic lighting of the room. By occasionally looking outside, the eyes get rest. This prevents over-tired eyes. Artificial daylight provides the right light intensity, so that you remain energetic during the day. Lamps on the ceiling or pendant lamps above your desk work very nicely. Don't just try to illuminate your desk, but include the entire environment in the lighting plan.

Light output and colour temperature.
The correct light output is very important. A minimum of 500 lux is prescribed for working from home. To achieve this in a space of about 9m2, you need a lamp that gives ~4500 lumens of light. In addition, it is just as important to have the right daylight colour. 5500 Kelvin is the ideal daylight colour. This gives you the same colour temperature inside as outside, which is nice working light. 

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