In the Dutch city of Amersfoort lies the beautiful dental laboratory of Jordi Pastor González and Nils Venderbosch. “Here we manufacture all kinds of dental solutions for clients.” Nils says enthusiastically as he shows me around the workshop and tells me more about the importance of daylight lamps in their workspace.

“The idea of starting this laboratory together came about a year and half ago. I met Jordi during the course specialist dental technician crown and bridgework in Utrecht and always said: if there is one person that I would like to work with in the future, it would be Jordi.” Jordi adds: “I then said that we should get to know each other over a round of golf. We have met more often afterwards and found out that we are on the same page in terms of thinking, work well together and that we can perfectly build on each other’s projects. We help each other where necessary and give each other advice.”

Making people smile again
Nils continues: “From a young age it was my dream to go into dentistry. Being able to work with my hands and make people happy with my work seemed great. Last week, for example, a girl in her early twenties walked into our studio. Her incisors had not formed, and she had taught herself to talk with her hand over her mouth. We made these teeth for her and now she wants and dares to laugh again. If the dentist and the client are happy with a piece of work that we have made, it gives us a sense of satisfaction and our goal has been achieved.”
The importance of color fastness
Jordi says: “After we received the key to our workspace, we immediately started furnishing the building. We laid the floor ourselves, assembled the cupboards and painted the walls. We opted for a white and gray wall because other colors can influence our work.” Nils explains that color plays an extremely important role in their field. He shows me various samples, with artificial teeth that differ slightly in color. “The color difference cannot be seen without high-frequency full-spectrum daylight lamps. It is important that we can determine the correct color of the teeth, but for that you must be able to see them and notice the color differences. That is why it is extremely important for us to work under the right lighting.”
Pleasant and quiet light
“I used to work in a dental lab that used daylight lamps, but they weren't high-frequency and full-spectrum,” Nils says. “You notice that difference right away. That is why we immediately knew that we wanted full spectrum daylight lamps with a high CRI value of 98 in our studio. With these True-Light panels we can clearly see even the smallest color differences. In addition, it is very pleasant and quiet light to work under. We are therefore very satisfied with these daylight lamps.”
Future plan
Finally, I ask the men what their plans for the future are: “In the future, we want to grow into an all-round specialist laboratory where we can help clients from A to Z. So not only in the field of crown and bridge work, but also in the field of prostheses, for example. We want to continue to guarantee quality within all processes and make even more people happy with our work. Because there is nothing more beautiful than a satisfied client who leaves our studio with a big smile.”

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The lamps in the photo’s: 36 watt LED panel 120x30cm  
Text: Elise Spiering