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The True-Light® brand has been producing the original full spectrum daylight lamp for over 60 years. The origin of True-Light is in the United States. They were developed in 1960 as a simulation of daylight in space travel (NASA) and for submarines. True-Light lamps match natural daylight with a light colour of 5500 Kelvin and a daylight colour rendering of 98%.

This makes True-Light lamps particularly suitable for natural lighting at the workplace, they contribute to a healthy working environment. Not only at the office but also at home and at the workplace at home. Because True-Light lamps match natural daylight, they give the perfect reproduction of colour. Where colour is important, True-Light lamps are used.

True-Light lamps have a beneficial effect on metabolism, hormones and mood. As a result, they make an important contribution to the health of humans and animals. True-Light lamps have been used for decades in studies as a simulation of daylight and are used for winter depression.

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True-Light® videos

To get a good impression of True-Light full spectrum daylight lamps, we have made two videos. The video on the left was recorded in a working environment and the video on the right in a residential environment. This way you can see the difference between standard light and True-Light® full spectrum daylight.

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Daylight LED Lights

True-Light LED Lights have a daylight colour temperature of 5500 Kelvin and a colour rendering of CRI98. This means that they match 98% of natural daylight. True-Light brings natural daylight inside and renders colours perfectly.

Daylight Lamps

True-Light full spectrum daylight lamps, including UVA and UVB, provide a natural and healthy light image. With the right daylight colour of 5500 Kelvin, they create more peace and well-being in your indoor space.

High frequency fixtures

High frequency fixtures ensure that the light does not flicker. They are energy efficient and ensure that your lamp has an even longer life. As a result, they contribute to a healthy light image indoors.

What is daylight?

Light is reflection. The only thing we as humans can see of light is the light source and the surface on which the light reflects. Daylight constantly changes in strength, while the colour (spectrum) of the light constantly changes in composition. A cold winter day is bluish in colour and a warm summer day is redder in colour, yet both colours are daylight. To get a good light image, you need a complete light reflection. In the case of artificial light, this reflection is generated by phosphor powders in a fluorescent tube or by the amount of LEDs in an LED lamp. Daylight consists of visible light, ultraviolet light and infrared light.

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