Multiwatt pendant lamp

High-frequency multi-watt fixture, T5, direct/indirect light
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This beautiful, energy-efficient, high-frequency pendant luminaire from the Philips brand comes with full option. You can order  along the lamps of your choice.
The fixture provides direct light and indirect light, you can a
djust this by removing the top of the fixture.

The fixture has a multiwatt function.
This means that you can put different wattage lamps in it, so that you can easily determine the light intensity.
You can choose 35,49 or 80 watt lamps. The fixture has a white color (ral 9016) and is made of galvanized, painted steel and t
he optics are made of high-gloss aluminum, the end caps are made of polycarbonate.
comes with a pendant set and cord. The suspension set is made of stainless steel and has a fine adjustment. The luminaire complies with EN-12464 standards, which are requirements that guarantee visual comfort in the room.
This means that the lighting is suitable for any application, including screen work and photography.
URG 19/IK02/IP20 - beam angle wide beam >80gr. Full option:
* pendant with fine adjustment * choice of only direct lighting or direct/indirect lighting * multi-watt fixture, suitable for 35/49/80 watt lamps * including stainless steel pendant set and cord


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