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True-Light fullspectrum daylight lamps are fluorescent  - and ledlamps. They were originally designed in the United States in 1960 for NASA, to simulate daylight for astronauts and crew of submarines.

What is the difference between True-Light fullspectrum daylight lamps and other normal daylight lamps?

The True-Light lamps  (CRI 96-98) have a range of 380 to 780 nanometers, including the invisible ultraviolet and infrared 'edges'. 

In a True-Light fullspectrum daylight lamp, the natural daylight is simulated. For the phosphor tubes this happens in a tube filled with argon gasof which the interior surface is coated with 14 (!) phosphor powders  which the beneficial UVA and UVB. In ledtubes of ledpanels we use only A-quality leds who are specifies as dual white leds.

In America, where True Light was invented, much research has been done on the effects of various types of fullspectrum daylight lamps on humans, animals and plantsThis showed that only lamps that have the full width of the spectrum of natural daylight and constantly emit the colour temperature of natural daylight, achieve the benefits of natural daylight ;  True-Light has it all!



Kleurenspectrum van daglicht, True-Light <sup>®</sup> en Cool white vergeleken


Natural daylight in Europe has a colour temperature of 5500 Kelvin, True Light full spectrum daylight lamps  have a colour temperature of 5500 Kelvin.

For comparison: a Cool White tube has a colour temperature of  4200 Kelvin.

The index figure of colour rendering of True-Light is 96, where natural light is set at 100. The colour index of a Cool White tube is 68.


True-Light has been proven to be a solution for humans and animals for over 50 years!

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