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Winter depression? Use True-Light!

True-Light <sup>®</sup> helps prevent winter depression3% of the population between 18 and 65 years have indicated they suffer from severe depression due to a lack of light during the winter.

People with winter depression, sleep problems, moodiness or autumn fatigue feel much better when they use True Light full spectrum daylight lamps  in their living - and / or work space.

The light is absorbed by receptors in the eye and skin. To achieve the best result , use True-Light where you spend the most hours daily.

The daylight activates the synthesis of vitamin D, which is necessary for the absorption of calcium and minerals in the blood. It stimulates the production of melatonin which in turn creates the seretonine production. You will sleep better and have more energy with True-Light!

You can use True-Light <sup>®</sup> anywhere in your house

We recommend the use of high frequency fixtures in addition to the True-Light full spectrum daylight. This produces calmer light and relieves the eyes. More information about high frequency fixtures  can be found here >>