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The advantages of True-Light:

  • True-Light lamps are virtually identical to the spectrum of natural daylight ( CRI 96-98/ colour temperature 5500 K).
  • True-Light lamps contribute to the well-being of humans and animals by spreading UVA and UVB (the fosfor lamps).
  • True-Light lamps stimulate the immune system.
  • True-Light activates the synthesis of vitamin D, which is necessary for the absorption of calcium and other minerals in the blood.
  • True-Light is the most tested, and working  lamp for winterblues
  • True-Light has a beneficial effect on the metabolism, oxygen supply and hormones  in the body of humans and animals.
  • True-Light helps you to find your own biorhythm with shifts or jet-lag.
  • True-Light helps you with sleep disorders, stress and  concentration problems.
  • True-Light lamps show colours accurately.
  • True-Light lamps are long lasting,  25,000 burning hours in combination with a high frequency fixtures.
  • True-Light lamps mean quality lamps. Since 1960 specialized in  artificial fullspectrum daylight.

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