Growin fixture XL incl. lamps

High-frequency luminaire, full spectrum daylight, 5500 Kelvin, CRI 96

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Plant or terrarium/paludarium fixture. Energy-efficient, white, high-frequency luminaire with mirror grid for optimum light distribution. This fixture is supplied with 4 pieces of 55 watt TCL full spectrum daylight lamps, including UVA and UVB. The grow lamp provides a lot of light on a smaller surface. It is a good choice for propagating, cuttings, germinating seeds or pre-growing plants or for lighting a terrarium or aquarium. The total light output is 10,820 lumens.

Specifications fixture :
Dimensions: 56x42x7 cm
4x55 Watt TCL connection
White fixture with mirror reflector

Specifications full spectrum daylight lamps:
Brand: True-Light
Full spectrum daylight lamps 55 watt tcl
Light colour: 5500 Kelvin C
Colour rendering: CRI 96
Fitting: 2G11
Length: 535mm
Brightness: 2706 lumens
Lifespan: 13000 hours