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True-Light full-spectrum daylight lamps are full-spectrum daylight lamps that were developed in the United States in the 1960s to simulate daylight in aerospace (NASA) and Polaris submarines.

What is daylight?
Light is reflection. The only thing we as humans can see of light is the light source and the surface on which the light reflects. Daylight constantly changes in strength, while the color (the spectrum) of the light constantly changes in composition. A cold winter day is more blue in color and a warm summer day is more red in color, yet both colors are daylight. To get a good light image, you need complete light reflection. Daylight consists of 50% visible light, 5% ultraviolet light and 45% infrared light. In the case of artificial light, this reflection is generated by phosphor powders in a fluorescent tube or by the amount of LEDs in an LED lamp. True-Light's phosphor lamps provide 4.9% UV light.

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