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Our True-Light full-spectrum daylight lamps fit in the standard conventional fixtures. To increase the well-being, we recommend high-frequency fixtures. 

Why? The use of a high frequency fixture:

-  saves 25% energy
-  increases the lifetime of the used lamps up to 30% 
-  provides a calmer light and reduces strain on the eyes
-  produces no measurable electromagnetic field.

A conventional fixture  (recognisable by the flashing start) is controlled by 50 Hz. This means that the light blinks 50 x per second. Our eyes consume a lot of energy because of  these blinks.

Humans and animals are very sensitive to the flashing and blinking of these conventional fixtures.
The eyes constantly try to reduce these blinks and flashings. This results in complaints as burning eyes and headaches which turnes to stress and irritation. 

Animals show unnatural behavior and birds can literally go insane because of the blinking. Birds experience the 50 Hz blinks of the conventional fixtures the same as we experience a strobe.

Our high frequency fixtures don't blink. They give a flickering free light of  more than 25,000 Hz.  This means that the light has 25,000 blinks per second and the eye cannot see these blinks. High frequency fixtures produce a very constant light and this results in reducing the strain on the eyes. This has a soothing effect on both humans and animals. 


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