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True-Light ® has been producing the original fullspectrum daylightlamps for over 60 years. True-Light originated in the United States. They were developed in 1960 as a simulation of daylight in space (NASA) and Polaris submarines. True-Light has the daylight color of Central Europe with 5500 Kelvin and a daylight CRI of more than 96%. To get a good impression of True-Light fullspectrum daylightlamps, we have made two videos for you. You only need to press the "play" button.

Video True-Light for business use

Video True-Light for private use


If you have specific wishes for your fixtures or you cann't find the fixture you want on our website? Please don't hesitate to e-mail or call us.
We have a large range of fixtures, which aren't placed on our website.  We also have special- project- fixtures, or fixtures that can be tailored for your project.


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